Yoga and Being a Momma

Self care and self love are very important. And definitely very difficult to maintain being in a relationship with a toddler, and juggling a full time job and building a business as well.

What I do to practice self care is practice YOGA. I make it a part of my daily life (sadhana) and do my best to be consistent with it. But to be real , I am nowhere near perfect.

I started doing Yoga about 5 to 7 years ago on and off...

.... I remember a Facebook post I wrote years back “Pilates or Yoga” and I chose Yoga. I never thought I would pursue becoming a Yoga Instructor but here I am.

I get up extra early to meditate and get out of the house in time to do yoga before work by my job in Brooklyn Bridge. I use the scenery to my advantage ( the water, people watching, and nature)

I do my best to keep up with mani/pedi appointments and hair appointments so I do not lose myself (as I once did when I 1st became a mom); what I mean by losing myself is that I was so engulfed in being a mom I stopped doing my hair and nails, and indirectly, I would feel down, because I thought that part of me was no longer existent, when in actuality I just had to learn better time management and how to incorporate those treats into my life. Those things although small, make a major difference. I remember working at a spa in midtown, before I was a mother , and never understood why women spent $75+ dollars on pedicures… the 1st pedicure I got as a new mom I splurged on a deluxe pedicure and totally understood why those moms paid that much. I realized that's the only time you get to yourself as a mom, to find peace in this chaos we call life. Practicing yoga and getting up early is the key because before the house is awake you can get a lot done for just yourself as an individual and women… and not all the other titles that come along with life.

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