If I can do it, you can too: The journey from home remedies to skin care business

Working in the spa and wellness field over the last seven years has definitely been the seed that grew in my passion which is Jaspirituals.I saw an opportunity for change within the industry as it is constantly growing. I saw all the things that did not work for those companies but no one ever wanted to implement my ideas and practices so I decided that if I wanted to create change I needed to do so with my own platform.

Some of the challenges I face are really self-inflicted. A lot of self doubt and truly just being fearful of my potential. Before I found my passion in teaching and practicing and making all natural skin, hair and body products, I thought I did not have a skill or talent. I have always been smart and studious. I loved nature, all sciences but in terms of having a craft or talent, I thought I did not possess any, which was really wrong. I tend to allow the fear of failing to stop me from pursuing my goals.

Another challenge I face is overthinking things. The industry that I am in is very saturated and I used to always think it was impossible for me to make a place for myself in this field, because so many people are doing the same thing.

I was never really one to like Doctors and never really liked taking prescription medication and always had weird experiences with different doctors over the course of my life. My mother also worked as a CNA in the ER at Jacobi Hospital and a HHA doing homecare as well when I was growing up.

When I first started working in the Spa industry in 2012, I met a lot of massage therapists who introduced me to alternative medicine and holistic healing. One of those people is Maleek, who’s now my son’s father. At the time my mother had recently been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and all of this information about holistic medicine really sparked my interest because I wanted to help her manage her pain, and maintain her health. As I started to do in depth research about different holistic alternatives, ingredients from the earth, natural products, food as medicine became my interest. I used to recommend and make different oil blends for my mother and also provided her with ways she can maintain her day to day health. My mother was really excited and shocked that a lot of these holistic alternatives were working for her pain. I really wish I knew everything I know now because I feel I could have helped my mother a lot more.

3 years ago May 2016 my mother passed away due to breast cancer and it was really devastating. Literally the next month I found out that I was pregnant with my son who is now 2 ½ years old. The last 3 years have been very spiritual for me. Bitter sweet in many ways. My interest in consistently making products became more serious once my son was born because he has really sensitive skin and also eczema. I started making all natural blends of butters and essential oils, black soaps and other natural ingredients and I started seeing results, I wanted to share this information with others. As people started opening up to me with similar skin issues, I knew I had to make my products accessible to everyone and that is how Jaspirituals was born.I am definitely in the beginning of my business ownership but I do have some tips for other entrepreneurs:

1. If you ever feel like there is no lane for you, create one. There is no one that can do what you do the way you do it.

2. Be confident in whats makes you unique, whether it is an insecurity or a beautiful attribute, make it work for you. And learn about yourself very deeply (good and bad parts of yourself).

3. Promote yourself, don’t be afraid to put yourself and your talents out there. No one is going to promote you like you will unless you are paying them.

4. And a piece of advice that was given to me by an esthetician who has been in the industry for 20+ years is NEVER STOP MOVING FORWARD! In the beginning it seems like things are moving slow within your business so you may want to work for a company for more cash flow etc, before you know it you have given 10 years of yourself to grow a company and their business, and all that time invested could have been invested in growing your own business.

5. Also be true to yourself. Honesty is UGLY and once you are okay with honesty then you can move forward. I am still struggling with that until this day!

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