Over the Hype of New Year, New Me? Have you seriously followed your 2018 resolutions?

The most monumental Holliday of the year -New Years has just occurred... well not really because it has literally been three weeks, and the momentum for New Year, New Me is wearing off. I start to ponder on last year and what I loved about the year and what I did not love as much. I wonder if I am continuously transforming into the woman I see myself to be. I often contemplate if the sadness and depression from years ago can somehow creep its way back into this New Year and the new space in my life. I secured my degree, launched my dream blog, started a new but exhausting job, learned even more about myself, and the list goes on. However, somehow, I end up back at the same spot asking have I done enough? What more can I do? Feeling somewhat unfulfilled because I want so much out of life but yet I feel like I am running 2 miles per hour on the speedway of life instead of 50 mph. I have so much I want to accomplish and a brand I want to build, but it is genuinely much harder than I initially thought. Sometimes I doubt if I am entirely walking in my purpose or being utterly true to myself. All of this makes me think, what was the purpose of my new year's resolutions? The definition of resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. According to statistics, only 8% of people stuck to their New Year’s resolution and unfortunately, I feel like I’m already falling into that trap. I thought the percentage would be at least a little higher. I’ll make an educated guess and say the reason for this statistic is our need to put hard and fast changes into action, which aren’t realistic but at the moment sound great. Discovering the side effect of goal quick fixes has taught me it’s actually small tangible steps that’s most beneficial. I had these concrete goals I set which were a tad too general like eat healthier, go to the gym more, find a spiritual place, and learn more techniques to deal with anxiety. However, this is so broad and can lead my brain into blast mode, making me think of the hundreds of different things I could be doing. It took me three weeks to realize my New Year’s goals were not realistic or even concrete, so I had to revamp them. Now I am setting some small easier to obtain goals: go to the gym 2x a week, yoga 1x a week, start juicing, and invest in a salt lamp to help with anxiety. As millennials, we have major access at our fingertips and see so many idols we admire on a daily basis. The small steps are vaguely represented on social media compared to the end goal that is broadcasted, exposing us to a false concept of building. Luckily, my blog has taught me that the small changes add up, but it took me a while to connect the dots. Primarily because of social media, I have to challenge my thoughts of “ I want something and I want it now” and remind myself Rome wasn’t built in a day. Yes....New Years is about reflection and appreciating the lessons I have learned from the past. But, the reasons why we want to make changes are probably the most critical part of making decisions for 2018. Sometimes we set our minds on bold choices before actually evaluating the reason why or whether or not we are following a trend. Thus falling into the trap of not following through with goals. My guilty inclination would be saying I was going Vegan when I know damn well I was not entirely convinced of the benefits of this particular diet. Now I’m not saying this is not a beneficial diet, but when What the Health came out I saw many people like myself try to jump on the bandwagon because it was trending. Many people were trying to take leaps in diet changes to match the fad instead of taking baby steps in the New Year. First of all, it takes 21 days to develop a habit. So, New Year’s changes should be practiced for 21 days to have a fighting chance of becoming a lifestyle change. With all this being said, below are a couple questions to ask yourself to see if you’re on the track of fulfilling your “resolutions.” I will be restarting my small and more realistic resolutions pronto! 1.What were the reasons behind the goals you listed for this year? 2. How do you plan to measure the success of achieving these goals? 3. Are the goals to general? If they are right down three steps for each goal and focus on one step per week. 4. Have you made progress in achieving your goals since the New year started? If not, don’t give up but evaluate how the goals can be more realistic 5. What is rewarding about the process of achieving your goals ? Are you learning more about yourself or taking healthy risks ? Give yourself some well deserved credit!!!  

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