Working your Way to the Top: "Everyone wants this life", and you're gonna pay for it i

Dear Self, You're so excited right now. You can feel yourself brimming with pride. But what exactly are you so proud of ? Are you proud that you got a decent paying job that can give you some skills to further your career or are you proud that when you say the name of your job people will think you're cooler than you actually are ? You'll tell people you work at a super famous company but won't tell them your day consist of making coffee and lunch runs for people who are too "busy" to do these things themselves. You won’t tell them how you roll your sleeves up to wash champagne glasses from which you are not allowed to drink. Furthermore, you never seem to get around to telling them that while everyone was off at the company Christmas party, you know the one where Trey Songz made a guest appearance, you were at work wrapping your bosses presents; all one hundred of them. You'll sit on your hour long train ride home, looking at the scratches on your palm from assembling your bosses wooden chairs by hand, wondering if she was able to find the luxury SUV you called to take her to her Upper East Side penthouse. No doubt if she isn't able to find it, it will be one more thing that you get blamed for. You should know that everything will be your fault. On that train ride you'll think about quitting, you'll actually quit and they won't let you because they realize your value to the team. I wish I could tell you a year later you'll be promoted and living the good life but that's not how these things work. The work is just beginning but you got this. You come from something so much greater than yourself. The people that came before you worked from sun up to sun down in the sugar cane fields of the Caribbean Islands. The people that came before you immigrated to a country where they didn't speak the language and made it work on nothing but a minimum wage job and the dream of a better tomorrow. Hold on to the idea that they make it hard for a reason. "Everyone wants this life", and you're gonna pay for it in blood (not joking), sweat and tons of tears. They will push you harder than you'll ever be pushed but as an executive in training, you'll learn to thrive under stress. Diamonds are made under pressure and you're the sharpest diamond in the rough. I need you to bring a Beyoncé like discipline and Oprah like focus to work everyday. I want you to learn to maneuver in a room full of vultures like Jay and build a brand like Kevin Hart. You have all the tools. Look within. The good news is, you're no longer proud because you work at this super famous company, you're now proud that you've earned your spot and play a small but key role in making things happen there. Your perspective has grown and so have you. Stick with it kid, you'll be fine. Love, Self P.S. Keep the snack draw full. They love that.

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