A Seat at the Table for Women of Color: How I started 'The Kitchen Table'

My mama is my queen. I've always admired her while shamelessly praying to God to be nothing like her at all. It's because I saw the same woman dripping magic from her hands making a gourmet meal, curing all my illnesses, fixing my hair and praying over everything in the same breath deny herself the right to grow. It's because I thought in spite of all her grandiose display of strength, she was too meek and mild for her own good. I couldn't stand the way she yielded to please people. I hated that she was so forgiving. I wanted her to just yell and shout from the depths of her soul, but she'd never- its not "ladylike." So I made the decision at a very young age to be different.

At that age, Being different meant (as embarrassing as it is to say now) I didn't want friends who were girls. -Yes, I was that girl. The "girls are too messy and too sensitive" girl. Forgive me. I knew nothing. I still don't and am on a path of learning. Further down the line in college I found myself completely unable to relate to my male friends. They are not the best people to go to when you're on WebMD freaking out about possibly having endometriosis and worrying about the health of your uterus. I could go on and on, but the point is I need women in my life- deep, meaningful relationships with women to be exact. I yearned for this connection and authentic sisterhood. I've sought after this in many ways that have all fulfilled me: joining Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.; connecting with women in my church; and mentoring other women. But I wanted to pay it forward. I've been thinking that there must be some other women out there who want real, deep and meaningful connections with other women. Women that they can share stories with, laugh with and feel free to be unapologetically themselves. This vision is The Kitchen Table- a monthly gathering I've started in NYC to bring women of color together in love.

Going back to my Southern roots in Birmingham, AL, 'the kitchen table' is where the women in my life shared their most precious moments together. Around that table they laughed, they danced, shared stories, cried together and even created a make-shift salon to give you a hot comb press by the stove. It was a place of fun and therapy. That table was their safe haven to create magic. I'm inviting you all to share some food, fun and games in hopes to create a safe, intimate space- our very own modern Kitchen Table.

If you're interested in coming out to the next gathering of The Kitchen Table email: mayamposey1@gmail.com. Gatherings are held monthly at Grandchamps in Brooklyn, NY.

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