How to be more Open to Love

Searching tirelessly for affection might land you in a situation that may not be optimal. Love is natural, and like most things natural, this is something that should sprout organically. However, before someone can see the beauty in you, you must first find beauty within yourself. It is important to recognize the insecurities that you have that are preventing you from feeling beautiful.

Embrace all aspects of yourself. Celebrate the parts of you that others deem flawed. Know that your beauty is not only physical but, also internal. Know your passions, goals, favorite foods and songs. Before giving someone else to permission to contribute to your joy, make sure you know how to make yourself happy. Discover what stimulates you mentally, physically and emotionally.

You do not want to end up in a situation where you are depending on another person's actions/words to put a smile on your face or uplift your mood. When meeting a potential lover, people tend to fear being vulnerable. Loving yourself and being independent before entering a relationship gives you the confidence to know that everything will be okay if the relationship is not successful. Remember that everything was alright before the relationship, and although the aftermath may be painful, things will eventually be okay. Having this confidence will allow you to enter a relationship wholeheartedly, without hindering its potential.

Looking at my current relationship, I realized that for so long I was afraid of making things official because I was distracted by the "what ifs." Expel negativity from your mind. Love, like most human interaction is often completely random and spontaneous. Submerge yourself in the unknown and allow love to sway you in the right direction. People say love comes unexpectedly and believe me, it does. Being obsessed with finding love can can potentially lead to finding it in all the wrong places.

Now while you are searching for love, ensure that you are fully ready for a committed relationship. Ask yourself have you closed past chapters in your life? Do you have lingering feelings or issues with past relationships? Forgive yourself for mistakes that you have made and forgive those that have hurt you. Holding onto anger will only give negative emotions more control over you. Those wounds can attract more negativity if not addressed. Don't allow previous bad experiences to prevent you from finding the happiness you deserve. Learn and grow from your past by analyzing where things went astray. Take that wisdom and apply it to your next relationship.

There was a time where I was deeply afraid to allow someone into my life because I was working on myself. I allowed past experiences to make me uneasy when it came to welcoming someone so intimately into my life. The idea of being in love was intimidating. I feared that I would lose myself and sight of what's important to me. Do not allow insecurities to consume you. This way, when you do find love, it will be much easier to let your guard down and open up to someone else.

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