"In the midst of multifarious forms of oppression, the journey to self-discovery and self-care is extremely important for our growth and well-being. Dedicating time and energy  to personal development has the power to help us  channel positive energy. Our purpose is to create a community that reminds all that we are on this Earth to execute greatness."

-Welcome to LegaciesofGold

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August 11, 2019

Self care and self love are very important. And definitely very difficult to maintain being in a relationship with a toddler, and juggling a full time job and building a business as well.

 What I do to practice self care is practice YOGA. I make it a part of my daily life (sadhana) and  do my best to be consistent with it. But to be real , I am nowhere near perfect. 

I started doing Yoga about 5 to 7 years ago on and off...

.... I remember a Facebook post I wrote years back “Pilates or Yoga” and I chose Yoga. I never thought I would pursue becoming a Yoga Instructor but here I am.

 I get up extra early to meditate and get out of the house in time to do yoga before work by my job in Brooklyn Bridge. I use the scenery to my advantage ( the water, people watching, and nature)

I do m...

August 11, 2019

          Working in the spa and wellness field over the last seven years has definitely been the seed that grew in my passion which is Jaspirituals.I saw an opportunity for change within the industry as it is constantly growing. I saw all the things that did not work for those companies but no one ever wanted to implement my ideas and practices so I decided that if I wanted to create change I needed to do so with my own platform.

          Some of the challenges I face are really self-inflicted. A lot of self doubt and truly just being fearful of my potential. Before I found my passion in teaching and practicing and making all natural skin, hair and body products, I thought I did not have a skill or talent. I have always been smart and studious. I loved nature, all sciences...

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